Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Rose Family

The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes

That apple's a rose,

And the pear is and so's

The plum, I suppose.

The dear only know

What will next prove a rose.

You, of course, are a rose--

But were always a rose.

Poem by Robert Frost

Responding to this poem:

A rose wouldn't have been a rose
Without the loving heart of those

Who used to be warm and close

And this is how it always goes
We just keep our love flows
And the roses will fill our souls

With its joy and its repose

I promise to make it grows

These two roses that God chose

To lean on each other through these tough roads.

Poem by Maria Aziz
( very beautiful poem of hers)

Dengan harapan kami datang, Dengan kejayaan kami pulang
.. InsyaAllah..

anatomy practical

kak DK's birthday at Ala's

Maria, Effa, Me..Handousa Lecture Hall

some of class members with Dr Hussein
(Naquia, Wardati, Kak DK, Abg Azmy, Me, Ily, Yani, Effa, Maria,
Fakhrurrazi, Dr Hussien, Baha)

Monday, December 21, 2009


Ever heard of disease not caused by real-bodily-etiology.. but of psychological stress?
Its kinda amazing, of how our body can develop real disease without real defect.

Like.. when we got stressed out; headache came, so as feeling of heartburn, abdomen suddenly feels bloated, each and every joints feel painful, heavy menstruation, painful muscle, frequent urination, sleeplessness, backache, heart beating fast, breathlessness, sudden panic attacks, choking sensation..

Yup, of course the brain which interprets stress is connected to the trunk and the limbs, but in most normal times of our lives, the psyche and the organs live really happily disease caused by the psyche or the opposite.

But sometimes this happy couple faces hard time, where disharmony occur.. causing such symptoms as stated above.
Of course it isn't connected directly, but there are processes in between the 2, but naahh..not my concern of writing them here.

We (our just took a case about IBS (Irritable Bowel Sydrome).. a disease which occurs in 20% of population worldwide. Affecting the bowel aka gut.

Related to what we discussed above, this IBS patients
didn't have any actual pathology in their gut, but come seeking help from the docs, claiming they have abnormality in their guts, forcing the docs to investigate them all out, even if test results had confirmed no abnormalities.

Our doctor told us a story about his annoying patient, 27 years old male, who had been stalking him for 4 years now..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Patient came in the first time with symptoms as alternating diarrhea and constipation.

After doing appropriate investigations on him, our doctor diagnosed him as having IBS, which.. the patient is not satisfied with, even with solid evidence and convincing assurance.

Patient then requested colonoscopy .. (a tube with camera which will be introduced from below to see the internal wall of the gut.. which can be very painful, only done by highly trained colonoscopist .. carrying risks of complication) which, clearly, in his case, is very much unnecessary, and of any other doctor will react, our doctor refuses.

Unsatisfied, this anxious, fragile and scared patient sees other doctor in a private clinic and at last .. done with the colonoscopy.


The result, as very much expected.. -ve for any abnormality.

Patient got happy and his symptoms disappear. (the brain is relieved, thus the body express the health).

Unfortunately, after a while, he came back to see our doctor and complaint,

"oohh doctor, after the colonoscopy, i felt that my
hole down there has getting bigger, and i couldn't really control the motion.."
(this is funny~)

Doing, PR (per rectal exam--introduce your finger into it and check for the tone, or any mass).. everything is again normal ..

and yet again, patient
requested a surgery to tighten the hole-which-have-gotten-bigger. Our doctor refuses. Again. Patient went to other private clinic. Again. Succeeded performing the surgery. Got normal. Brain relieved. Again.
Another unfortunate day.. The same patient come to see our doctor , and this time.. complaining of over-tightening-down there-hole.. (again.. this patient really knew how to make jokes :p)

* * * * doctor stops his story here * * * *

(when ever will him stop complaining?)

Got the picture? These patients of IBS is entirely normal but continue seeking for help.

The stressful life keeps showing organic symptoms so long as the stressor still existed.

So the moral of the story is: avoid stress. Get a healthy living. Enjoy life while could. Live life the fullest.

*continuous unrelieved stress and depression may lead to severe disorder.. people even committed suicide and homicide. (Nauzubillah semoga dijauhkan)

*fasting can prevent stress~

"Bagi orang yang berpuasa ada dua kegembiraan. Pertama, ketika dia berbuka dan kedua, dapat bertemu Allah di akhirat nanti." - (Riwayat At-Tirmizi).

-there had been found that the first pleasure (during the fast-breaking), serotonin (a +ve neurotransmitter) is highly released.. this serotonin helps us feeling pleasure, happiness.-
-Some drugs made for depressed people aims for this release of serotonin to decrease the depression.-

**till next post!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Exhausted after driving all night, a man decided to pull over to get some sleep. He had just nodded off when there was a knock in the window. He opened his eyes to a jogger, who asked, "Do you have the time please?"

"Its ten past eight."

"Thanks," said the jogger and ran off.

The man dozed off again but suddenly there was another knock.

"What time is it?" asked a hiker.

"Twenty-five past eight," said the man, getting slightly annoyed.

To avoid being asked again, the man put a sign in his window that read,

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!" and settled down to rest.
But just as he was drifting off into a blissful sleep, there was yet another knock in the window.

Scowling, the man looked out.

"What?" he shouted at the cub scout standing there.

"It's eight forty five."

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