Saturday, November 26, 2011

A motivational talk for the future doctors by Dr Mohamed Hatta Mohamed Tarmizi, an O&G specialist from Hospital Likas, Kota Kinabalu. What's more exciting is that he is a graduate from Mansoura University, the university where i'm pursuing my dream at. A very great motivator he is.

Being a foreign medical student who are already labelled by the locals beforehand as incompetent, he advised us all not to feel inferior when facing challenges during houseman-ship.

"What u learn and what they learned are the same, the only thing they knew better is the system hospitals in Malaysia are using. That's why u see they can adapt faster. Regarding knowledge, medics syllabus are all the same. "

He already went through the hardships and so many of our seniors regardless where they graduated from, so why worry? If they can make it through, why can't we? And even if they couldn't make it, why not believe in our strength to strive it?-- this is all him talking.

Being a doctor is all about sacrifice, I guess if it wasn't us, who else will volunteer to a job this torturing.. Allah had chosen us for a reason. He knew best!

The 5 most important thing a doctor should have are;






And everything above all, remember your creator~ always!

Acquire this all and you are good to go!

Stop the progression of ACUTE ON TOP OF CHRONIC MANJANITIS among us!

Recite the Quran, not only read them.

This talk was organized by an NGO organization called I-Medik 'Malaysian Muslim Medical Solidarity', one of ISMA's chain.

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