Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Ever feels frustrated with life? Or feels the world has started to fall -- on your shoulder alone?
I had. Tough few months of my lives i thought, but not anymore. Now I realize how small it was and I shouldn't had burden my mind and soul thinking about them in that much depth.-- and that was after reading few pages of this book I stole from Abah's bookshelf at home. :P.. UNLIMITED POWER. (Anthony Robbins). So when things started to go upside down; clench your fists and shout to yourself: I will not fall!

These are the extracts I think which are most important. Enjoy reading!


Life will pay you whatever you ask of it. Ask for a quarter, and that's what you'll get. Ask for resounding joy and success, you'll get that too. If you learn to manage your states and behavior, you can change everything. You can learn what to ask of life, and you can be sure to get it.

1. You must learn how to handle frustration.

Frustration can kill dreams; which happen all the time. It can change a positive attitude to a negative one, an empowering state into a crippling one. The worst thing a negative attitude does is wipe out self-discipline; and when it's gone, the results we desire will be gone. Its probably not easy to handle such frustration especially when that's the only thing which keep you going. But it'll get easier. The pain of it will not fade; but it'll get easier with time.
There's always great frustrations on the road to any great success.

Here's a 2 step formula for handling stress:
i. Don't sweat the small stuff.
ii. Remember; its all small stuff.

2. You must learn how to handle rejection.

We don't create limits to ourselves just by fear in a little two-lettered word 'no'. (this is applicable in any matter in life-- business, studies, relationships). The word itself has no power. It can't cut your skin or sap your strength. The power comes with how we represents it to ourselves; from the limits it made you create-- and limited thought create limited lives.
Remember, success is buried on the other side of rejection.

3. You must learn to handle financial pressure.

O yeah.. This has always been a problem. The only way not to have financial pressures is not to have any finance...!!.. Money is like everything else. You can make it work for you, or you can let it work against you. Deal with it as with anything else in mind; with the same purpose and elegance. Learn to make it , to save and to give. The book urges those who make money to give 10% of each paycheck away-- to someone who needs them more. It teaches us the value of giving and make us believe that we earn more than enough. More than enough means no pressure by end of the month.

4. You must learn to handle complacency.

A person who is too comfortable stops growing, and stops creating added value. LAO-TSU once said
"That which is achieved the most, still has the whole of its future yet to be achieved". You're either climbing or you're sliding. That's the only choice.

There's one kind of complacency which comes from comparison. We might, once in our lives think that we were doing well because we were well compared to the people we knew. That's one big mistake! It may just means that our friends aren't doing well, and the fact that we haven't give enough of ourselves to it. There are millions of people who did better then, so whats with the satisfaction? We have to learn to judge ourselves by our goals instead of by what our peers seem to be doing.

5. Always give more than you expect to receive.

The secret of living is giving. You've got to be willing to plant the seed and then nurture its growth. Water it, fertilize it and take real good care of it. Then, if you do it well, you will get your plant and fruits sometime later. There's no such thing in life as waiting-to-be-given-something of. When you start to wait, it has already gone before you know it.
Of course, we can make big achievements by ourselves; but we don't really have power, we don't have real wealth. If we make it to the top of 'success mountain' all by ourselves, we'll probably end up jumping off! So give, and share, and love even if the possibility to receive good deed is so tiny. Like people always say;
do good anyway~


Much of a motivational talk this time huh?

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