Monday, August 9, 2010

"Ramadhan Kareem!"..
"Allahu Akram~"

bukak puasa waktu 1st year di luar (if i'm not mistaken la)

These 2 sayings are the most common words to be heard during the Holy month of Ramadhan in Egypt. I had spent the whole month fasting during my first year there. Despite of its extremely hot weather, the 'sungkai' -as what the sabahan call it (fast-breaking) is earlier than in Malaysia.

Good thing about Egypt is that; everyday, everywhere-- when Maghrib came, people carrying trays of drinking water and dates will be seen. So even if u're stuck in a traffic, u don't have to worry thinking about what to break your fast with. (my brother once joked-- "kalau takda makanan mau bukak puasa, korekla hidung; kasi batal puasa~" :D kwang 3 !)

Rich businessmen in Egypt like to spend their money for iftar. Malaysian students (especially guys) like to attend this event as their food are tasty and plenty!

Now, talking about good behaviors we can commit in this holy month-- which is DONATING. (Tak perlu tunggu bulan puasa baru nak buat baik)-true. But since its Ramadhan, lets double or triple or quadruple our good deeds to gain Allah's Blessings. AVOID AVOID AVOID bad behaviors, because like the title of this post says--our body will speak on behalf of our mouth when that day come. So beware!

And for that, PLEASE.. PLEASE.. PLEASE..

Click this link and donate for the sake of Islam. Their troubles today could be ours tomorrow~ so lets help others while we still could.

A minimum donation of RM 100 is nothing compared to the reward Allah promised thereafter.

"Perumpamaan (nafkah yang dikeluarkan oleh) orang-orang yang menafkahkan hartanya di jalan Allah adalah serupa dengan sebutir benih yang menumbuhkan tujuh bulir, pada tiap-tiap bulir: seratus biji. Allah melipat gandakan (ganjaran) bagi siapa yang Dia kehendaki. Dan Allah Maha Luas (karunia-Nya) lagi Maha Mengetahui. "
(Al baqarah: 261)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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