Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alhamdulillah after 5 days of fridge-less, at last it functions again.
Lucky me who kept the warranty of 2 years properly. Warranty in Arabic is dhaman. Instead of paying approx. L.E 700 for replacing the coils and compressor, I just paid L.E 20 for the upah. (ni pun sebenarnya nak ditiadakan tapi ustaz yg jd jurucakap pun xdapat nak gaduh).

They said at first the gas- conducting coils broke. But after replacement, it still hasn't function. Rupa-rupanya there's a problem with the compressor too. Definitely a thing the manufacturer should be blamed about. Our 'icebox' is still so young at age..

The repairer accused us of 'overusing' this icebox.. apekehal? He said we didn't switch it off while we went for holiday.. which we did. And klu pasang pun apa salahnya.. org yang tak balik bercuti takkan la dengan tak pasal2 nak matikan jugak peti sejuk tu? Arab2.. they tried to find fault in everything; as if they're always right.. This is what i HATE the most about Egypt--The arrogance of their people. (but some are of course excluded)

Tapi takpalah. At least dah settled. This repair cost me L.E 20 + my absence to class this morning..

beginilah kualiti camera MyIman ..hik3

new compressor and coil

ALASKA.. the new one. yg hijau tu we bought 2nd hand for L.E 400, and only survived less than a year. Dats why ALASKA was brought in. At least it has a warranty.

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