Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today is the first day of Hari Raya Haji holiday. Cuti Raya di Egypt ni seminggu, unlike Malaysia yg dapat cuti sehari je. yeke? For the time being, i'll be staying home, sehari sebelum raya baru balik kampung (a.k.a Rumah Sabah, Cairo). I'm just not in the mood yet to bukak buku now (after doing the weekly laundry), so here i am jotting down some words.

Yesterday was my 4th time going to the labor ward (ward bersalin).. Every other day, i wasnt lucky that no one is having their baby at the time i was there. Yesterday was an experience. My first time actually, seeing in- labor- mother going through her 1st stage of labor.
Readers.. labor has 3 stages:

where the cervix dilates to give enough space for the baby to be born. It takes 12-20 hours.. which depends on how fast the cervix can dilate. it is here in this stage that mothers will experience pain.

now, after the birth canal is already set for the baby, they will be born! takes half an hour to 2 hours. what i'm so geram about is seeing this tiny cute baby being born with their eyes close, with perfect calmness and comfort while their mothers struggle to push them out! (tapi xpa, because soon after, they'll have their first cry and started to breath on their own) Doktor2 risau kalau baby xnangis, sebab tangisan pertama ni lah yang membantu paru-paru baby mengembang untuk membolehkan baby bernafas sendiri..

soon after the baby is born, placental will be delivered (placenta as in tembuni? if i'm not mistaken)

Coming back to the mother in the labor ward. She shouted her throat off, i'm telling u. ( lebih teruk jeritannya berbanding the one i experienced in bone marrow aspiration)

this is one of the site of having the bone marrow sample

notice the large bore needle?!

sample is taken

Really loud that the whole ward in tense of it. I guess this is why people say suara boleh pecah lepas melahirkan.. I asked the doctor about patient's history, and doc said she has been there since last night, thats why she looks so exhausted. (so is the doctor.. tgk kami mcm nak makan org. nasib baik kami xdijerit sekali) and its her first baby..which makes it a more difficult and painful.

We waited an hour and a half i guess, before baby is ready to be delivered. The ward is next to the labor room, so the mother had to walk herself to the next room. Begaduh2 pakai surgery robe, tup tup baby dah lahir! so easy.. doctors have to make episiotomy to the mom.(cutting of the canal to make more space). one of my friend tried to take pictures and record the event but was scolded by the doctor. so no pics then.

Its a baby boy. and he's adorable. His head was a bit oblong, as to fit in the narrow birth canal. (it'll be in normal shape again after weeks). He cried after being slapped by the midwife who handle him. a really soft cry.

After seeing placental delivery, we rush for our next class~

( a wonderful first experience i can say )

so cute!

baby spanked to stimulate respiration

Enough about babies. There's another interesting something i wanna share.
We learned about technologies emerging to help couples have babies.. There's IVF (in vitro fertilization as we know it/ or so called test tube baby), and others. Learning of the topic, our doctor raised an issue about China with its one child policy.

It has started in the 70's to control population growth in the country and the effects on their economic status. Stating from the web: the economic causes are; to reduce the demand of natural resource, maintain a steady labor rate, reducing unemployment caused from surplus labor, and reduce rate of exploitation.. Guess Chinese is all about business and money huh?

'for a prosperous, powerful nation, and a happy family, please use birth planning'

Thinking about the effects of such law despite to increase the wealthiness of the country; there's increasing abortion rate (possibly because they prefer boys than girls), abandoned unwanted childre, social problems of a precious child (they used to call this very precious one child as the 'little emperor', who was excessively treated, with no ability to live independently), unequality of both sexes, unequal enforcement (rich people can have second child by paying fines-- very unfair!), over-dependent of old people to retirement funds and charity (well.. 4 grandparents with 2 parents and a child.. that's kinda imbalance).. There's also increasing usage of technology for the rich, as the law stated: no penalties for multiple pregnancy in the first birth.

What are they thinking? Aren't there anybody who'll be speaking for themselves about the stupid regulation? Or do they obey because they're born to be dictated by tyranny?

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