Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am now at KLIA, waiting to my connecting flight to KK in about another 4 hours. Plenty of time I have here.. so lets discuss about this very common thing to happen--bruises.

This post is dedicated to Mak yang once send me a SMS saying "Iffah, apa sebab lebam-lebam di kaki selain daripada kena gigit hantu?"

hehehe.. lawak la mak ni. orang yg tengah stress study untuk exam pun teketawak habis baca msg tu.

Bruises @ lebam2 in malay, with its scientific name; PURPURA: ecchymosis (for large purpura)/petechiae pacthes (for small purpura).. characteristic of this purpura?-- purple colored spot under the skin/ mucus membrane (eg: inner lip). okay, this purple spot actually is clotted bloo which leaks from underlying blood vessels. So simply saying; anybody who has this patches means the underlying blood vessels is injured.

What may cause purpura?
1. blunt trauma-- many got traumatized during sleep and woke up with purpura; claiming it as ghost bite.
2. fragile blood vessel-usually happen in the elderly.
3. inflammed blod vessel
4. platelet dysfunction; eg: hepatic patient
5. drugs which may interfere with blood clotting system.

*hmmm..have to use the WC. i'll continue later!


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