Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My housemate and I left for Cairo yesterday. So we're currently in Cairo, staying at Sabah State Shelter (<--that sounds like a shelter for the homeless).

Its actually a flat house flooded by Sabahan students studying at Cairo..
But this arent the point i'm writing today though.
The point is; it hasn't reach 24hrs staying here yet, that my nose already bleeds -causing me to wake up from my deep sleep.

It's extremely hot here in Cairo, compared to our hometown Mansoura. 38 degrees i bet. Guess my nasal arteries can't adapt to the temperature change that it throws it's tantrum :).. cute arteries~
So now lets see some facts about nosebleed or the medical term-- 'epistaxis':

- it can be self-limited or a medical emergency - it is usually a nuisance, but can be life threatening especially in elderly.

- it can be caused by simple irritation, or trauma, or tumors, or prolonged respiratory infection or allergy, or idiopathic (unknown)-- (like Dr House says-- idiopathic is an italic word of idiocy as we can't determine its cause. {I'm Dr Gregory House number 1 fan ^_^ })

- when one experience epistaxis, don't panic. Just rush to the sink, pinch or clip your nose until the bleeding stops--putting pressure on a traumatized artery controls bleeding. This manouver is also true for any bleeding site allover the body (remember! when facing emergency situations of bleeding, raise the bleeding part of trunk/limb, and put pressure on it. This can help saving one's life from dying running out of blood. Ice packs also can be used as cold made the arteries constrict; thus decrease the bleeding. When the amount is huge, go to your doctors so they can evaluate the cause of bleeding.
* I don't know what else to write.

Hurm.. have u watched My Sister's Keeper? The movie shows a storyline of a leukemic patient living her life. Great movie. It made me remember the manifestations of leukemia easier for the exams. It involves blood a lot. Go watch and relate it with epistaxis then~

I'm looking forward to fly for summer holiday in Malaysia soon. Its unconditionally, irrevocably BORING staying here after the exams. Only God knows how. hehe



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