Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Station 1:
Dermatology: Psoriasis examination.

Station 2:
Andrology semen analysis-- hemospermia, what are the causes, what are the investigations

Station 3:
Research & methodology--meta analysis, What are other type of study, and its strength.

Station 4: CT of maxillary fracture, its investigation and treatment. Membrane over tonsils, its DD, investigation and treatment of each.

Station 5: Corneal reflex examination, its pathway,causes of corneal vascularization, and causes of corneal hypoesthesia

Station 6: Hypopyon ulcer, its predisposing factors, signs of hypopyon ulcer,

Station 7: Schoitz tonometer (just tell what is the name of the instrument), other test to measure IOP, what are the central and peripheral field defect in glaucoma. DD of acute diminution of vision. DD of red painful eye.

Station 8: History taking of atopic dermatitis, explain its prognosis to patient

Station 9: Rinne and Weber test. PTA. DD of CHL, SNHL and mixed HL

Station 10: OM history taking, state the investigation and management

All the best to all.. Truthfully, this semester is not an easy semester to go through. Too many to cover in too little of time.


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