Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I watched a Korean movie showing life with a baby. In one scene, they give a tip on how to know whether the baby is hungry or not. They say, put your fingers beside baby's mouth; if they follow your finger, that means they're hungry, and u should feed him milk.

The truth is; this is what we call 'Rooting reflex', a primitive reflex a baby had. It doesn't even means that the baby is hungry or anything! This reflex will make the baby to open his mouth and follow the finger. Another example for a reflex is 'Grasp reflex' --where babies will grasp tightly anything given in their palm of hand.

the other image is plantar reflex

There is another situation I experience while taking care of my Arif (my irresistible nephew). I asked akak; how to know if he wants to drink? Akak said: Put ur finger inside his mouth. If he sucks, that means he wants the milk. But this is not the thing too. There's sucking reflex as well ~

For further info regarding baby's reflexes, u can read more here.

Ahh.. well.. I hadn't realize this till now. There's a line in the link above said "A hungry infant will turn the head to the right or left when the cheek is brushed.." HUNGRY. okay. I didn't learn that in class. But the thing is, it is still apparent after feeding. So not necessarily means baby is hungry? Maybe they are sleepy after feeding or interest is focused on something else?

hehe.. my bad (if its wrong) :)

my irresistible ayef..

..and the baby from the movie


mak said...

Arif will be excited when he sees us showing him a bottle of milk if he is hungry. If he is not hungry, he will show no concern. If we try to feed him when he's not hungry, he will bite the nipple and will not suck the milk. And another thing, he will only finish his milk if he has nothing else to attract him.. or if he is sleepy. Too many activities around him are the main distraction. He will not concentrate on his milk but will be curiously looking around....

DrNurolSainuri said...

arif xstat makan lagi?

wanita said...

cik doktor, kenapa perempuan PMS berselera/kuat makan? boleh jelaskan?

DrNurolSainuri said...

menstruation tu bukan benda yg simple. banyak pertukaran hormon sana sini. PMS ni pulak bukan bnda yg jelas. lain org tunjukkan symptom yg lain2..dr perubahan selera, sakit badan, tension, smpai nak bunuh diri pun ada.

* kebnyakan org yg ada PMS ni ada psychological problem!
They dont actually know why, tapi mungkin disebabkan oleh pertukaran hormon tu. ataupun rembesan transmitter di otak tak seimbang. :))

wanita said...

hormon apakah yang menaikkan selera? ataupun kekurangan sesuatu hormon masa PMS menyebabkan the resort to binging to feel good?

that explains why time PMS, most women suka berhias, mengemas, mencuci?

DrNurolSainuri said...

Its never black in white in medicine.Its not always naik selera makan dan suka berhias. There's the other extreme too..kurg selera makan, diri xterurus.

Although its well known that estrogen built woman's femininity, but its not that simple in this one. There's no solid proof

abu ubaidah said...

yup,we actually cannot determine weather the baby is hungry or not simply by putting fingers on the cheeks,its depicted more by crying..

its different in arif's case since bcoz hes able to distinguish things at this moment onwards.

PMS:hurm..too hard to explain since its a combination of many hormones instability during the preparation of body to menstrual bleeding

Datu Nazrin Arif said...

masa mula2 tu manala akak tau sbb first time jaga baby. main dengar cakap org ja. skrgni tunggu arif merengek barula kasi susu.

arif dah makan. cerelac. bagi bubur nasi, dia tak suka. bagi betik pun dia buat muka nak muntah. hahah.

PMS: kena sediakan diri dari awal. baca buku tentang kesabaran bila hadapi sesuatu. jadi bila hormon tak berapa stabil, sekurang2nya ilmu & iman yg berbaki tu boleh tolong.

DrNurolSainuri said...

hehe pndainya tunjuk tak suka arif ni.
akak punya nasihat jugakla. ustazah ke kaunselor? hehe

Nadhirah said...

bukan ustazah bukan kaunselor. IBU. hahaha

Geram ba akak org2 yg jadikan PMS sebagai alasan nak marah2. sabar je la.

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