Sunday, October 9, 2011

It was a long day at kuliyyah. It's almost 3 which indicates Asar prayer is near, but I haven't perform Zohor. More importantly, I have to go to a bookstore nearby to buy an ENT book recommended by our doctor which means rushing home for Zohor is not a choice. So, we (with my housemate) decided to perform the obligation upon His call first, then settle with the book thing.


On our way to the bookstore, we passed by a local restaurant selling 'syawirma' or so called 'kebab'. Since it was long that we both have not eaten this kinda food, with our stomach empty, we say why not grab a bite..

how is this syawirma not tempting..

So there we are, ordering 2 Syawirma, 1 Bechamel, and 1 bottle of mineral water. It was strange that the Arabs keep staring while we enter the dining hall-- maybe it was the first time Malaysian ever stepped into the restaurant. (in our neighborhood of medical students' houses, most never glance at arabic restaurants especially this one which is not so classy. It's always KFC or Pizza Hut or Mo'men or Cook Door , or Slamlek.. etc etc)

While passing by 2 guys which sat near the window facing hospitals, (which I need to cross to go the washroom) they smiled nicely and offered to join them eat.
Of course, I said Syukran, tafaddhal. Thanks, please proceed, then return to my seat.

We eat and we chat and we laugh and we took some photos, and chat and chat and chat till the plates are empty.

Once again, we alternately went to the washroom and then prepare to leave, when the waiter suddenly came to our table and say 'please, sit down'.

We thought he was going to take the bills for payment. Instead, he came with two cans of Coke and serve them in front of us.

: Ihna musy aizin cola. We didn't ask for those..
: (with his egyptian-english) Those two gentlemen over there want to give u this. (pointing to the table of the 2 guys)

What the ?!!

I don't know why it was so embarrassing to look at those guys this time..
We were like covering our faces which blushed~ but we manage to wave as sign of saying our thanks.
That was nice of them to treat an outsiders this way.

This never happen to me before. I suddenly felt like a single lonely girl sitting in a bar, who is offered drinks by a desperate man, as seen on TV! haha

hehe that was it.. and yeah we went to buy the books afterwards of course.
The moral of the story is-- be nice to others so others will be nice to u :)
I suddenly forgot how much I hate it staying here. hehe


Admin said...

ceit. bajet org puteh la ye. haha

Datu Nazrin Arif said...

hensem ka dorang? haha

bob marley said...

wtheck man,blogger suda ka hahah

DrNurolSainuri said...

haha.. takdela hensem sgt.
kero-kero, saya mmg org puteh..cop UK ok :D

siapa ni bob marley.abg ka

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