Thursday, June 9, 2011

DST... is the way a country tries to stretch their day. I mean day, with sunlight, with exclusion of night time. Every spring (which means the start of sweaty days), they will add an hour ahead of current time, and every fall, the one hour added will be subtracted back from the current time.(am talking about egypt)

Not all countries practice the same rules as Egypt. Some may subtract an hour, some may add 2 hours, or 20 minutes, or 40 minutes. (i guess this will be much more confusing to the citizen)
Countries like China, India, Japan, and countries without seasons don't apply this DST.

They who had TV in their houses will have no confusion/ difficulty to know the exact time when we are around the transitional time-changing days. Laptops were set for DST but it's not always in line with the real DST the country started. As a consequence, we students always got confused on when to attend classes, and worse when to attend exams! Is it using the old time, or the new time?

I actually was furious about this time-changing, menyusahkan org je!. But as they say, DST can decrease amount of RTA (road traffic accidents), prolonging the time for children to play during the day (like trick or treat during Halloween.. children aren't allowed to trick or treating during night time), decrease use of public electricity.. hurm maybe true. I don't know.

Spring time this year, Egypt had stopped using DST. So starting this year, there's no 5 hours difference for summer & 6 hours difference from winter (compared to Malaysia time).

They completely will abolish the use of DST starting now. better I think. :) But one thing I dislike is the fact that Subuh prayer is as early as 3 o'clock in the morning. We have to adjust our sleeping time in order to be able to get up early for the purpose. At least when the DST is still in use, Subuh prayer will only start at 4 am. Better than 3 am. Psychologically too early.

The thing about abolishing DST was; last year, Ramadhan started on August, but the DST will only end on September. (I only heard the rumors last year about them subtracting 1 hour because of Ramadhan, now only i confirmed by reading the news about it. I was in Malaysia, so what do i care if the time changes.hik3) They practically 'paused' the DST by subtracting one hour for the whole month of Ramadhan (to prevent them fasting one hour longer), and continue adding the 1 hour after the month end. Cool huh?

The other interesting thing is, while Egypt only have one common time for the whole country, Russia on the other hand have 11 different times inside them. (what language is this?)... Imagine you were traveling from Terengganu to Perlis with the need to change your watch timing according to the new place you arrived at. Pelik.. this was because Russia is too big of a country that the time zone changes. It's only recently that Russia reduced their 11 different time zone to only 9.

Malaysia was the case too before, but our government decided to equalize the time for the whole country despite of time zone changing. Syukur!

Terlebih semangat la pulak cerita pasal tukar jam. hee..

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abu ubaidah said...

Russia also decided to abolish the DST system , it is more severe here during summer,the SUBUH will be around 230am and maghrib around 11pm,like there is no dawn

DrNurolSainuri said...

waktu abg jalan2 moscow, effect ke time zone difference tu dgn kursk?

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