Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For my Abah, Mr Sainuri Hj Yahmin.

I don't have a typical story to write regarding how much u have to suffer to get us something to eat, because u are well educated; and that good job, great salary always awaits u. I also don't have a story of how I behave against your word, because as far as I know, I've always been a good daughter to u :P. Hurmm, and I also don't have a story of how u tried to console me when I did not get what I wanted, because u always thought us of how to be thankful with things we already had. I never cried under your arms because u have always thought me to be strong.

I might not remember how things were when I was little, but there are some recent memories I remembered about u.

Your first forehead kiss right before u travel to Hajj with mak when I was in high school. I cried all the way to Amat's school and home.

The time u show me your Master certificate and ask me to have one too, when I was in Matriks. (which I knew I already disappointed u with my bad marks)

The moment u say "I know it's hard for u to live and study here, I wish I could help make your surrounding better" right before u, mak and akak flew back from visiting me in Egypt.

I might not cry in front of u because of my guilt of having bad marks in Matriks, but I really am sorry from the bottom of my heart. I promise I'll never make u sad anymore.
U also might not see/ hear me cry because i misses u and the whole family whenever I am far but I always did. I cried everytime I left for KL to flew back to Egypt. I cried my eyes out when u all went back from visiting me here.
And in fact I am crying right now, writing this post after mak told me u look sad when none of your children wished u on Father's Day. I am sorry I did it again. Truly am. Also on behalf of the others.
U might never heard me say I love u, but I do.

Without u I won't be having this good background of religion & great school education in one of the best school in Sabah. Without u I won't be having this opportunity to further my studies in this country. Without u I won't be having this comfortable house and life I've been living in. Without u I won't be having good attitude that I get from u. Without u I am nobody.

Thank You for being such a wonderful father. And I'm really sorry for the all the things I did wrong. Happy Father's Day, Abah. I wish u all happiness in the world.


abu ubaidah said...

wuwuwuwwuwu hehe happy father's day,i still remember abah scolded ifah for not reciting quran correcly!! haha

may allah bless u abah,thanks for everythng!! we can never repay ur deeds abah & mak,sehat selalu,muahs2!!

mak said...

Abah nangis ni...

Anonymous said...

Teruk sangat ke result matrix..??

abah said...

It is the wish of every parents to have their children given the best education vis-a-vis knowledge. It is a ration for this worldly life and thereafter. Million thanks for the thoughts made aloud. Luv u.

abu ubaidah said...

abah nangis ke? :(

DrNurolSainuri said...

we love u both more :)

mak said...

ya abah nangis macam doremon! Berderai2 airmata!


Result Matrix ifah tak la teruk sangat tapi tak membuat abah happy la.. Tak payah ingat la tu.
sekarang ifah dah top!!


Mr Farid said...

sebenarnya sebak jugak baca entri ni. tersentak part tak wish abah father's day. terlupa nak wish. tak perasan..

everyday is your day ba abah. hehe. i love u!

abah kan boss, mak superwoman mana boleh nangis2.

p/s- teruk sgt ka result matrix kak?

DrNurolSainuri said...

knapa amat xtau? ke benda ni disembunyi dari amat supaya kak sentiasa jadi idola amat? huhu

true2 everyday is your day. why need specific day to wish u a happy one kan

kak dk said...

boleh like kah ni fa...??hehe

Akak said...

akak pun nangis berderai2.

takde wish abah, datuk & naza pun. huhu.. Happy Father's Day! =)

p/s: kalau result iffah pun abah dah sedih, result akak masuk tong sampah terus la.

abu ubaidah said...

haaa??? teruk ke??? rasanya sama je kita tu,mn ada teruk sgt,cuma tak layak amik medic local saja.. trend kita smua PMR je cemerlang,pastu ke atas smua tk memuaskan....

its the end whats matter not the journey

abah said...

Sedih bkn apa? supaya strive harder to achieve the better/best. All of u have made us proud. Treasure the art of perseverance n steadfastness in your life. All but juz a tool for pleasing Allah.Always remember we have duties as the vicegerent of Allah in this world ie.Dakwah.

wh0elSe said...

Semoga Allah meluaskan pintu rezeki, kejayaan dan kebahagian buat semua permata2 uncle, utk di dunia & akhirat, amiin~ -=>

hamba Allah said...

simple story but really sad and make me homesickkkkkkkkkkkk

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