Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Female pt, 24 yo, 2 weeks history of cubitus (elbow region) itchiness of gradual onset and progressive course. On examination, cubitus appear inflammed, red, raised on palpation.

hehe.. above is brief patient history to be presented to a dermatologist. Patient's name is DrNurolSai. :P

This complain was 3 weeks ago. Before presenting myself to any doctor, I self-medicate myself by buying topical anti histamine--fenistil. Using this topical cream for 1 week made the lesion worse, so I made an appointment with a dermatologist as my tutor advised me to.
this is how the lesion looks like. see the clearly defined edge of the inflammation? ugly. and it itches to death

need dermatologist consultation? i recommend u Dr Soheir. very x100 nice one :)
There were 2 rooms in the clinic, 1 is for dermatology, and another is for orthopedics. Already surprised by the presence of the-other-room doctor, who is our chief tutor in orthopedics who teaches us everyday in class; we were made much more surprised knowing my dermatologist is actually the wife of his!
and she (my dermatologist) is going to teach us in our next semester. What a small world~

Examination was made. Despite her being a woman, i'm still quite embarrassed to expose some hidden parts I always cover. This must be how patients felt when I checked and do examinations on them. What's worse is that they are being examined by 'a group of students' instead of 'one specialist'. At least now I know how it feels like, and what's worst is when we are to do a VE (vaginal exam), PR (per rectal exam) & maybe breast exam or scrotal exams on men.. !
I hope I'll learn more to respect them.

The dermatologist explained that this might be a 'contact dermatitis', if not allergy. She told me to stop using the topical anti histamine, and said "anti histamine is better taken orally rather than topicals". Okay. Everybody take note. I was prescribed oral anti histamine & topical steroid. I was also told not to continue wearing any creams/lotions, avoid tight cloth at that area, and to come see her after a week for follow up.

medications prescribed

As the busy week of exam comes, I was not able to attend to my 2nd appointment. Hectic study life, with nobody to accompany me to the clinic (which is 10 min by taxi). Well here, all private clinics will only function during night time because doctors are obliged to serve the government hospital duty during the day, and continue working on their private clinics during the night. And the rule for Malaysians here is that; no Malaysian girls are to wander around by themselves during night except with supervision of at least a man. (we call them musyrif)

I went follow up just tonight, with 2 of my classmates which is a husband-and-wife, who are also going to review HER pregnancy with another obstetrician.

About the skin problem that i had, doctor declared good healing except for some hyperpigmentation which she says will resolve in a month or so without treatment. Good for me. She remind me not to use the fenistil again, which she thought might be the perpetuating factor for my 'contact dermatitis'. She said she cannot conclude what the trigger might be; maybe soap, lotion, cloth..

Okay. Enough about skin. Now moving to the obstetric part. This is the first time I went for an antenatal review with any couple. For those who know; THEY are my Abg Azmy & Kak DK. She is already pregnant for 22 weeks. This visit is for review of her baby's condition and if possible, to know the gender of their baby. Unluckily, baby is too shy to turn (I guess she/he is sleeping) to show his/her gender. 'Perhaps u might be embarrassed bcoz aunty is there, huh baby?' ehee.

Bro Azmy said " Beginila nanti kau dgn suamimu dtg jumpa doctor ".. aiyarks.. can't wait for that! :P

There they are, with our tutor who teaches us in our O&G round last semester. Although quarreling over a small thing is this couples' hobby, they actually care much about each other (well of course they are. hehe). As they always quote "this is what's gonna happen when u marry your own best friend" :)

Semoga baby sentiasa sihat dalam kandungan mama, dan mama pun sentiasa sihat menjaga baby dalam ur uterus~

And may we all be blessed with good health always..To keep the body in good health is a duty & the greatest wealth is health!

final thing to say: I'm getting pathologically slender-ER.. *__*


mak n abah said...

a good post. Cant wait to see a gentle and nice doctor like u to practice!

We are proud of you!

Mak said...

Don't try to make yourself any slimmer.

Eat more... Please didn't live on 'budget food,

Take more butter, milk,cheese, meat n rice n of course fruits n veg. You need them!

DrNurolSainuri said...

trust me it's not on purpose :))

Mak said...

Salah grammar la pulok. I mean "please don't...."

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